Testimonials & Reviews

Are you getting enough sleep? If not, you are not alone. The World Sleep Society warns sleep problems are a global epidemic threatening the health and quality of life for almost half the population. Read on to discover how Oventus and its Airway Technology has improved the quality of life and sleep for many patients suffering mild-to-moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) and snoring, including those that could not tolerate CPAP therapy.

I have so much energy in the morning

I’d pretty much woken up every morning like I’d never slept. You’d hit 3 o’clock and you’d just want to go to sleep. I’d stop breathing about 65 times per hour. The Oventus Device has made a massive difference. I now have so much energy in the morning and Jenny gets a good night sleep.

— Brett Meares

Comfortable and unobtrusive 

I’ve been enjoying the benefits of my Oventus device for a few years now. It gave me instant relief from the energy sapping impacts of snoring and mild sleep apnoea. I’ve tried a number of different interventions over the years and I have to say my Oventus device has been by far the best. It’s comfortable and unobtrusive. I’ve recommended it to friends and family and they have been similarly impressed with its effectiveness. It has been a great investment in my general health and well-being. The service from the Oventus team has been excellent. Last but not least my wife enjoys a good night’s sleep.

— Tony Evans 

I simply have my life back 

I’ve had sleep apnea for over 20 years and only diagnosed 3 years ago. (Who knew…) I cannot express my gratitude enough to the Oventus team. I simply have my life back. I can function like a real person, no more nodding off in the afternoon. My wife has moved back into our room after quite a few years of sleeping apart, because of the snoring. THANK YOU…..

— Simon Lawrence

I feel alive again 

Wow, used the device last night for the first time, no headache, no waking tired and feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck, still snored a little bit but it wasn’t like before when I snored and the walls literally shook………I feel alive again instead of the walking sleep zombie I was

— Wayne Jellat

I can now travel!   

First night I was restless but from then on I am so impressed! I awake without an alarm, and refreshed. Using a snore app my snore score is down from 63% to 3%!! I can now travel with friends instead of losing them! Incredible medical and social benefits. Highly recommended.

— Simon Lawrence

The best thing since sliced bread!!   

I can’t believe how good this is. At first I only used it for a couple of hours and increased the time as it felt “big” in my mouth but it didn’t take long. It has STOPPED my snoring – at the moment I’m in the spare room again as my device is having the new upper put on and when I don’t use it I continually snore! I also do not have the dry mouth so don’t drink a bottle of water and run to the toilet!! It’s great, the feeling in the morning after a good night sleep is unbelievable.

— Wayne Jellat

I felt the change the next morning   

Been using my device for 8 months now and very happy with it. Once we got through the fitting stages which was the only negative (device going Melbourne to Brisbane for adjustments). 1st night the device was right, I felt the change the next morning. Highly recommend this product, glad didn’t take the first option given to me which was CPAP. Do the research, ask the questions, you will find this product is correcting the problem not MASKING (pardon the pun). Be patient, make sure you are 100% happy and you won’t regret making the investment. BTW Some Private Health Insurance cover some, if not most, so ask your provider.

— Simon Lawrence

I'm sorry it wasn't available years ago   

Since using this breathing device we have had a remarkable improvement with our snoring and apnea. With this device we are both having a far better night’s sleep and also we are not disturbing each other with the noise from our snoring, and this is not even to mention the health benefits we are receiving. We would have no hesitation in recommending this device to anyone, it has been absolutely wonderful for us, I’m sorry it wasn’t available years ago.

— Wayne Jellat

No snoring and so easy to carry around

I have used the Oventus device for 3 years and it is amazing. No snoring and so easy to carry around. Used it right through Europe and did not have to worry about electricity or extra bags. Used a CPAP for 20 years. Now I am so free from all that. I love it!!!

— Jeanne Marshall

How Oventus changed my life

The problem was right under my nose and I never realized. For years my wife claimed I snored loudly. I denied it and figured she was exaggerating. It became real when I was on a ski trip a few years ago and the guys told me I snored. I realized my wife was spot on. As a dentist, I have treated patients for years to restore and protect their dental and overall heath. However, a lack of understanding allowed me to miss many signs of sleep apnea. As I learned about Oventus products, I began using them for my patients with great success. My knowledge and skills soared and I am recognizing OSA tendencies in patients and getting them help.

 On my own Oventus journey, I am not big on New Year’s resolutions but after a 4-5 week adjustment period, I have not looked back. When I woke from years of sleep deprivation, I learned what it is like to wake up refreshed. I did not know I had chronic headaches until I no longer had them. I simply assumed that being tired all the time was a result of a busy life, not a medical condition that was slowly eroding my heath. I began introducing healthy routines such as Yoga and better eating. I feel like I turned back the hands of time and generally feel younger, stronger and energized. With my diagnosis of mild sleep apnea, the chance of death is minuscule, however, I would never sleep without my Oventus device. I treat it just like my life depends on it.

— Dr Michael Matthias, Dentist, USA